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Supplying wholesale fruit and vegetables to clubs, shops, cafes, restaurants and caterers

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Wiffens have a long history of supplying wholesale fruit and vegetables to clubs, shops, cafes, restaurants and caterers. Wholesale fruit and veg are available for delivery 5 days per week with store pick up 7 days a week and delivery to the local area on Saturday. Orders are placed up to or before 7am on the day of delivery and the order of fruit and veg is packed and delivered the morning of the day required.

We have two wholesale fruit and veg managers who have a few decades worth of wholesale fresh produce experience between them. As a local wholesale fruit and veg business we have the ability to respond to any urgent wholesale needs and wholesale fruit and veg customers in the hospitality industry can always come to our shop to peruse what produce is available as well as shopping in store for fruit and vegetables as needed. Wholesale fruit and veg customers can also visit our constantly updated website to see what produce is available and in season.

We pride ourselves on our personalised wholesale fruit and veg service this includes sending our regular updates with a price list and a seasonal report including; what fruit and vegetables are in season, what is good value, what we have availability that is local fruit and veg or local and direct from the grower (taking advantage of our many links with local suppliers and growers), as well as explaining the reason for significant fluctuations in price. We supply premium fresh fruit & veg at competitive prices. Jack or Dave visit the Sydney Markets every week to personal taste and choose the best fruit & veg taking into account taste, freshness and value.

For more information regarding wholesale fruit and veg:

Phone: 02 6295 7822
Fax: 02 6239 6108

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