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Question? What Days can I get my order?
Answer You can order for store pick up six days a week (every day except Tuesday). Delivery days are dependant on what area you live in. We deliver to inner North and inner South Canberra Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. To find out what days we delivery to your area follow this link

Question? Where and when do I collect my store pick up order from?
Answer Monday and Wednesday your orders can be picked up between 7am and 1pm from the back entrance to our shop at the Fyshwick Markets. Enter off Dalby or Nyrang Street and you will see the Wiffens sign above the back door. Call our office and your order can be taken out for you with contactless pickup. Thursday-Sunday 7am-5.30pm you can pick up your order around the back of our store (contactless pick up) or just park in the central car park and come in store. Just ask any employee for assistance and your order will be brought out to you.

Question? Can I get items redelivered if they’re not available?
Answer If an item you order is not available we can’t redeliver that item. The amount you paid for that item will be refunded into your account within 72 hours.

Question? When will my online order be delivered?
Answer we are a small business and can’t specify specific delivery times. Our delivery window is between 7.30am-1.30pm with most deliveries occurring in the morning between 8am-11am. You can always call our shop on the day to check what time your delivery will be there.

Question?When do I need to order?
Answer You need to order by 10am for next day delivery or store pick up. Except we don’t offer any services for delivery or pickup on a Tuesday.

Question?What do I do if an item is missing?
Answer If an item is missing check the invoice that was delivered with your order. If next to the item it says refund this mean the item was unavailable and we will refund you for this item. You will receive an email when this has occurred. If an item is missing but there is nothing written next to that item this is a picking error. Please email and we will refund you for that item.

Question?Some items I received were damaged or poor quality?
Answer please send us an email at and we will refund you for any damaged or poor quality items.

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